San Francisco Trip

At the beginning of March, my boyfriend and I took a trip up the coast from LA to San Francisco. We grabbed all best the road trip snacks - Doritos, pretzel, beef jerkey, candy and soda - and started up the 101. Our first destination was actually San Jose where we planned a quick overnight stay so we could watch the Detroit Red Wings play the San Jose Sharks. The hotel we stayed at was just a short walk to the stadium. Durning the game, we won gym memberships (which we gave away since we didn't live in the area) and stainless steel waterbottles. Unfortunately, the Red Wings lost the game.

The next morning, we headed to the Sarah Winchester Mystery House in San Jose for a tour. I had seen the story of the house on the Discovery channel and was interested in visiting myself. Basically, Sarah believed that as long as she kept building her house it would appease the spirts of all those killed by Winchester Rifles, so she built and built on this house with staircases that head nowhere and windows in the floor in order to confuse the spirts.

Then we made the short drive to San Franciso. We stayed the cloudy rainy weekend in the Fisherman's Wharf area. First we checked out Chinatown and walked up the hills of the area. We lucked out during our trip to Alcatraz Island aka "The Rock" where we have a morning of sunshine before clouds rolled in.

After Alcatraz we took a drive to find the house from the show Full House and then drove down Lombard Street aka Crookedest Street. I had received a letter in the mail before we left about a recall of the power steering on my car and didn't think about it until after the sharp turns of the street but we're lucky that my power steering didn't decide to go out just then! The next day, we were going to do more sightseeing but it was raining pretty good by then, so we decided to just head home.


Meagan222 said...

I'm still a bit concerned, there was no cheese on this road trip!!! I found the perfect cheese to take on one new cheese doesn't melt!

ser·en·dip·i·ty said...

Sounds like a great little trip despite Red Wing loss and the weather.

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