McCall's 6277

McCall's 6277

I picked up McCall's 6277 a while ago at one of Joann Fabric's sales. It's a Laura Ashley dress pattern with different cup sizes for the bust. Instead of making it in a woven, like the directions suggest, I decided to make mine in a lightweight knit that I purchased from (looks like it's no longer available.) I had seen several others (like Jessica from Green Apples and Christy from mystitchnbitch) make view B of this pattern in a knit and thought it would make for an easy pull-on dress.

After cutting the pieces out, it didn't take much time to sew together. It was intimidating at first to sew with a knit, but after a few practice runs with the scrap fabric, I got the hang of it. As the others that made this in a knit had suggested, I used the shorter sleeves from view C instead of the super long ones from view B. I ended up not bothering to finishing the sleeves or the botton of the dress since this knit won't unravel and I created a facing for the neckline and tacked it down to the seam allowance inside.

I love this knit!  It just stretchs to fit so you don't have to worry about strange fitting issues like you would with a woven. Expect a few more knit dresses from me in the future!

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