New Craftster Swap

I used to participate in swaps on a lot more frequently than I have been since moving back to Michigan. But since I've started my new job now, I can spend some time on crafting for others (instead of having all my free time devoted to job hunting!)

I just received partners this weekend for the Tote your Hoopla Swap. For this swap, we will be embroidering or cross stitching a tote or bag that can be sewn by you or store-bought. I'm actually involved in round robin for partners, so rather than making a tote for someone and them making a tote for me. Person 1 will be making a tote for Person 2, and Person 2 will make for Person 3, and Person 3 will make for Person 1.

I'm excited to get started by doing a bit of investigating on the person that I'm crafting for and coming up with some ideas on what I think they'd like!

Do any of you do craft swaps on Craftster?

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