2014 Goals

I never did make it through all of my wedding recaps in 2013 but with 2014 here, I want to start fresh.  (I may go back and recap the rest of my planning and the big day itself later this year as I have time. But am not going to pressure myself to get them all done.)

I like the idea of Ali Edward's One Little Word, but I'm having a hard time picking just one word.  In 2014, I want to be present in the moment but yet document my everyday life. I recently read an e-book called Creating Your Personal Life Plan and in the book the author refers to "perfect moments".  What is a "perfect moment"? It's "an experience with others when time stands still. It is a time full of the present, when the past is left behind and the future is set aside. It is a special time of focused attention and heightened awareness." I want to fill my schedule with these moments this year - saying yes to friends' invitations instead of declining, going out for dinner and a movie instead of staying in and watching Netflix, and traveling more.

I have decided to start journaling this year and do Becky Higgins' Project Life.  I've been into scrapbooking since college but have always just done layouts for special events.  Project Life (PL) is a system to help keep track of the everyday moments. I might throw in a traditional layout or two throughout my album to document special events where I have a lot of pictures, but I hope to do at least one PL page per week even if all I did that week was the normal routine.

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