Winter Classic

New Year's day was the Winter Classic at the Big House.  We woke up early, put on our long underwear and warm coats and headed out to Ann Arbor.  The drive took twice the normal amount of time it normally would have because of all the snow.  Ryan's brother ended up driving separately so he could go straight home after the game. We parked at the Briarwood mall and we were excited to see that they had shuttles we could take, but they were already sold out.  So we walked the 1.8 miles (although it felt like a much longer walk) to the stadium.  Upon arrival, we were a bit confused about where our seats were located, but we found some that seemed close enough. (I'm pretty sure someone else had taken our and we took theirs.) The game was cold, but fun! The Red Wings ended up losing to Toronto in a shootout.

Again, because of the snow it took what seemed like forever for us to get home.   Ryan listened to the Rose Bowl in the car on the way home and was bummed that he had forgotten to set the DVR.  We ended up not making it back home until after the game was already over - but Michigan State beat Stanford!

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