How to Load Custom Shapes in Photoshop Elements

Katrina from Pugly Pixel offered up some neat arrow and ribbon labels on her blog this week. But I quickly realized that Photoshop Elements doesn't offer the option to "Load Shapes" in the program like the full version of Photoshop. Here's a quick tutorial on how to load Pugly Pixel's shapes in Photoshop Elements.

Download the zipped files and copy the CSH file by using Ctrl+C.

Locate the Custom Shapes folder. { Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop Elements 8.0 (or whatever version you have) > Presets > Custom Shapes } Paste the CSH file by using Ctrl+V and rename the file, if desired.

Open Photoshop Elements and use your new custom shapes!

If you have any questions, just let me know if the comments.

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Anonymous said...

you rock! i'm going to update my post with a link to this post when i get home later today. thanks, sarah!

Sarah said...

Thanks Katrina! I figured that other people might have the same confusion as I did when they realize that there is no "load shape" option in Elements!

jojoebi said...

thank you! I would have spent hours trying to figure this out.

Jeanie (Inspired Wish) said...

Fantastic, thank you. I was over at Pugley Pixel scratching my head about how to install the custom shapes into Elements. I followed this and it worked, YAY!

Max of Max California ★ said...

thank you very much <3

Paige Burkham said...

Hey Sarah!!
For Mac users the path is:
macintosh hd, applications, adobe photoshop version #, Support file, presets, custom shapes

Without your walk through process I would have never found it on mine, thanks!!

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