Asking my Maids

I wanted a unique way to ask my bridesmaids.  I had come across ideas on Pinterest to send flowers or a fun box with champagne and shirts with the word "Bridesmaid" on them.  But I'm on a budget - so I opted for a cute card.  I got the "It's my turn to Pop! the question" cards (shown above) from etsy shop charm and fig. I got the cards with a dark teal for the envelopes and the accent text and they each had the maids names in them! The girls loved them and all four said yes!  I'm so excited to shares this special event with my sister, my best friend, and two of my fiance's sisters. 

How did you ask your maids?  

1 comment:

Lauren Covington said...

wahoo! Thanks again for ordering these cards. Good luck with all your wedding planning.

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