Choosing a Photographer

After selecting a reception venue, the next task on everyone's to-do list is choosing a photographer, right?  Well - it was for me.  I wanted to make sure that the photographer I selected would be available and would have plenty of time to get some great engagement photos.

I knew I wanted clear, well-lit photos without all the trendy 'vintage' filters or strange camera angles that I've seen from some photographers.  While the vintage Instagram-look is in style right now, I think it'll make your photos look dated, as in "that's so early 2010's".  And the crooked camera angles are a bit too contemporary for my taste.  What I learned my search is that what I was looking for is called a photo journalistic style.

I was finding that many of the photographers that I found in the metro-Detroit area were quite a bit over my modest budget, so I started looking a bit further west closer to the reception venue.When I moved my search into the Lansing area, I found two contenders. After looking at a few of their full client galleries showing all the photos they shot on the wedding day and compared pricing, I decided that my top pick was Heather Kanillopoolos (formerly of Infiniti Photography.)

Image © Infiniti Photography
My fiance and I traveled to Lansing to meet with Heather of Infiniti Photography at a coffee shop.  She was very sweet in person and we ended up chatting for several hours!  We signed the contract that day!

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