Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

Even before we were engaged, I started a wedding board on Pinterest for all the great ideas and images that I came across online.  So when we finally got engaged I already had a lot of inspiration!

Now that I'm in the midst of planning, I've branched out from that original board to create separate boards. I've got one for beauty, another for bridesmaids dresses, and also stationary, centerpieces, etc.

Not only do I pin from websites and blogs (love using the Pin It! tool on my bookmarks bar) but I also browse the wedding category right on Pinterest or use the search bar to find exactly what I'm looking for!

It's also been great to look back on things I've pinned in the past to see how my wedding vision has evolved and changed over time. If you remember back to my Wedding Inspiration blog post from before we got engaged, I had pinned inspiration for more of a rustic barn wedding.  Now that wedding is leaning towards more of a modern vintage vibe.

How have you been using Pinterest for wedding planning?

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