Selecting a Caterer

Selecting our caterer was a relatively easy part of wedding planning for us.  Our venue has three 'preferred' caterers that we can choose from and I requested menus and pricing from all three.  When I called one caterer in particular, Joe Suminski from Gerard's Catering, I was overwhelmed by the passion he had for his dishes!  I think we spend a good 20 minutes on the phone while he went over some of the dishes on his menu.

My fiance and I met with Joe for a tasting at a wedding reception being held at the Opera House soon after that.  He set-up a table for us in the back to try some of the extras from the buffet line. It was nice to be able to take a peek through the door at how our venue was set-up.  At one point, the bride even came into the back room and I felt a bit intrusive eating her food back there.  But she commented that she had done the same thing at someone else's wedding, so she understood.

We tried two appetizers - brushetta and veggie crescent squares.  Then we each had a Michigan salad with dried cherries and pinenuts.  The main course was apricot-lime grilled chicken breast, roast beef with a side of horseradish, roasted potatoes, and green beans almondine.  (Sorry there's no photos of the yummy food for you to look at!) We were impressed! We just found ourselves a caterer for the wedding!

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