Meeting our DJ

I told you that I’d be back with the wedding recaps to share the vendors that we met at the bridal show. When I last left off, my fiancé and I were at a bridal show at a banquet hall that also did catering, but we had already selected our caterer.  There were quite a few photographers at the show as well, but we also had already picked out an awesome photographer

There were two DJs at the bridal show. The first DJ that we talked to was very flashy with what looked like brand new DJ equipment and lights, but they explained that we wouldn’t get to meet the actual DJ that would be assigned our wedding until the day of the wedding. I wanted to make sure that the DJ had a feel for our personalities, so this idea of not meeting the DJ ahead of time really turned me off.

The other DJ at the bridal show was actually company that our wedding venue had recommended, Mobile Rhythm Entertainment.  Now their DJ set-up was not as flashy as the other company’s set-up.  But because of the recommendation from our venue and the fact that we’d be working with the owner, Joe, directly – we choose Mobile Rhythm to be our DJ for the big day.

Joe from Mobile Rhythm Entertainment.  Photo by Heather Kanillopoolos.

There were a few more check marks on our list that we crossed off our list at the bridal show that I’ll tell you about in upcoming posts.

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