The Cake

There were a couple of different bakeries at the bridal show that had yummy samples of cake for us to try.  The bakeries also had books showing off some of their cake designs for us to browse.  I knew that we wanted a simple cake without a lot of decoration, so choosing a baker was about taste and, of course, price! We found a baker whose prices were about $.50 less per slice than the other bakers at the show and the cake was great; more moist than the other samples we tried.  Our baker, Gwen from Gwen’s Cake Decorating, runs the business side of her company out of her home in Saline, MI and rents a commercial kitchen for baking and decorating the cakes.  This is how her prices can be lower than the other bakeries that have a retail storefront.

A little while after the show, we went to her home in Saline for the cake tasting and hung out with her and her cute cats while we selected three cake flavors for our tiered cake – vanilla with Bavarian cream filling and fresh strawberries, chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and carrot with cream cheese filling.  As I mentioned, we wanted something simple.  So for the outside of the cake, we asked her to just use tasty buttercream instead of adding fondant and sugar flowers. We brought along a unique item we wanted to use as a cake topper, Mario and Princess Peach toys, a nod to Ryan’s love of video games. 

Cake by Gwen's Cake Decorating.  Photo by Heather Kanillopoolos.

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